The Reynolda Campus of Wake Forest University, including Wake Downtown and other University sites located in Winston-Salem, may experience a Closure, Delayed Opening, or Early Release (collectively, “Campus Closure”), or transition to virtual learning and remote work due to inclement weather or other unusual conditions.

Non-essential Personnel: In the interest of safety, employees who are not designated as essential personnel and working on-site should not be on-site during a campus closure. Non-essential personnel, including those working from a flexible work location, should not be expected to perform work during the closure hours and may enter Administrative Leave for this time. 

Essential Personnel: Employees who have been identified as essential personnel may be required to perform work on-site if their work is directly related to the emergency event or remotely if their work provides critical business continuity services. Supervisors should proactively and clearly communicate travel and performance expectations with essential personnel. 

Wake Alert, Wake Forest University’s emergency notification program, provides information and advisories through: the Wake Alert website and Wake Forest website banner, email, text messaging and voicemail to cell phone numbers shared with the University, social media, and indoor and outdoor warning systems. Weather-related closings for the University are also broadcast by radio stations WFDD (88.5 FM) and WSJS (600 AM) and local television stations.

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