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Wake Forest’s policies connect the University’s mission to the everyday actions of its community, clarify the institution’s expectations of its individual members, mitigate institutional risk, enhance efficiency, and support the university’s compliance with laws and regulations.

The Policy Library currently contains policies, procedures and forms relating to the Division of Finance & Administration.  Additional policy content will be added over time.

Documents contained in the library are secured and available to University faculty, staff and students.  You must be logged into your WFU Google account in order to access these documents.

If you have any questions about the Policy Library, please email policies@nullgg.wfu.edu for assistance.

Category Title
Financial Fixed Assets Administrative Policy
Financial Petty Cash and Change Funds Administrative Policy
Financial Departmental Deposits Administrative Policy
Financial Accounts Payable Disbursement Policy
Financial Charitable Contributions Made by the University Administrative Policy
Financial Reynolda Campus Procurement Policy
Financial Business Continuity Management Administrative Policy
Financial Golf Cart Administrative Policy
Financial Cost Transfers and Cost Allocations Administrative Policy
Financial Gifts, Prizes, and Awards from University Funding Sources Administrative Policy
Financial Entertainment Tax Administrative Procedure
Financial Donor Restricted Funds Policy
Financial Agency Fund Administrative Policy
Financial Identity Theft Prevention Program (Red Flags) Policy
Financial Student Account Credit Balance Administrative Procedure
Financial Fee Portal Administrative Procedures
Financial Payment Card Acceptance Administrative Policy
Financial Mobile Communication Devices (MCDs) Administrative Policy
Financial Tax Guide for Foreign Visitors
Financial Effort Reporting Administrative Policy
Financial Deficit Resolution of Restricted Funds Administrative Policy
Financial Cost Principles, Audit, and Administrative Requirements for Sponsored Activities Administrative Policy
Financial Business Assets Administrative Policy
Financial Capital and Operating Projects Administrative Policy
Financial Building Access Policy
Human Resources Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Disability
Human Resources Recruitment and Selection
Human Resources Education Benefits for Employees
Human Resources Student Employment
Human Resources Standard Work Week and Hours of Work
Human Resources Tuition Reduction for Dependent Children
Human Resources Tuition Reduction for Spouses
Human Resources Retirement
Human Resources Phased Retirement Program
Human Resources Personnel Records
Human Resources Paid Time Off
Human Resources Voluntary Shared PTO Leave
Human Resources Holidays and Holiday Premium Pay
Human Resources Administrative Leave and Release Time
Human Resources Inclement Weather and Other Unusual Conditions
Human Resources Workers’ Compensation Leave
Human Resources Short Term Disability
Human Resources Faculty Medical and Parental Leave
Human Resources Family and Medical Leave
Human Resources Parental Leave (Staff)
Human Resources Bereavement Leave
Human Resources Civil Leave
Human Resources Military Leave and Reemployment Rights
Human Resources Leave Without Pay
Human Resources Nepotism
Human Resources Consensual Relationships
Human Resources Protection of Minors
Human Resources Whistleblower Non-Retaliation
Human Resources Sexual Harassment Prevention
Human Resources Substance Abuse Prevention
Human Resources Smoke-Free
Human Resources Workplace Violence Prevention
Human Resources Weapons on Campus
Human Resources Staff Grievance and Appeal Process
Human Resources Corrective Actions and Dismissal of Staff
Human Resources Staff Separations
Human Resources Reductions in Force
Human Resources Creating and Amending HR Policies
Human Resources Additional Compensation
Legal Contract Management Policy
Legal Joint Venture Policy
Facilities and Campus Services Design Guidelines
Facilities and Campus Services Green Building Policy
Facilities and Campus Services Tree Care Plan
Facilities and Campus Services Lock and Key Policy
Facilities and Campus Services Dig Permit Policy
Facilities and Campus Services Construction and Demolition Waste
Facilities and Campus Services Learning Spaces Design Guidelines
Environmental Health & Safety Asbestos Management Policy
Environmental Health & Safety Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan
Environmental Health & Safety Permit Required Confined Space Policy
Environmental Health & Safety Lockout Tagout Policy
Environmental Health & Safety Electrical Safety Policy
Environmental Health & Safety Fall Protection Policy
Environmental Health & Safety Hazard Communication Policy
Environmental Health & Safety Hearing Conservation Policy
Environmental Health & Safety Hot Work Policy – Welding, Cutting, Brazing
Environmental Health & Safety Ladder Safety Policy
Environmental Health & Safety Respiratory Protection Policy
Environmental Health & Safety Machine Guarding Policy
Environmental Health & Safety Mold Management Plan
Environmental Health & Safety Personal Protective Equipment Policy
Environmental Health & Safety Public Access Defibrillation Program (PAD) Policy
Environmental Health & Safety Powered Industrial Vehicle / Equipment Policy
Environmental Health & Safety Refrigerant Compliance Plan
Environmental Health & Safety Scissor Lift Standard Operating Procedure
Environmental Health & Safety Silica Exposure Control Plan
Environmental Health & Safety Steam Safety Policy
Environmental Health & Safety Trenching and Excavation Policy
Environmental Health & Safety Contractor Safety Guide
Environmental Health & Safety Conferences and Summer Camps Safety Guidelines and Agreement
Environmental Health & Safety Integrated Contingency Plan (ICP)
Environmental Health & Safety Biosafety Plan
Environmental Health & Safety Chemical Hygiene Plan
Environmental Health & Safety Use of Controlled Substances in Research Guidelines
Environmental Health & Safety Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) Authority Statement
Environmental Health & Safety Biohazard Waste Plan
Environmental Health & Safety Laser Safety Manual
Environmental Health & Safety Radiation Safety Manual
Environmental Health & Safety Water Management Plan to Reduce Legionella Growth
Environmental Health & Safety Sharps Annual Review Form
Environmental Health & Safety Research Regulatory Review Form
Hospitality & Auxiliary Services Policy on Use of Space by External Groups
Hospitality & Auxiliary Services Vendor Code of Conduct
Hospitality & Auxiliary Services Meal Plan Administration
Information Systems Computer Management Policy
Information Systems Cybersecurity Incident Response Policy
Information Systems Information Security Policy
Information Systems Policy on Responsible and Ethical Use of Computing Resources
Information Systems Targeted Harassment Support Response
Information Systems Password Standard
Information Systems WFU End User License Agreements (EULAs)
Information Systems Copyright Policy
Research Research Misconduct
Research Reynolda Campus Intellectual Property Policy
Parking Boot and Tow Administrative Policy
Parking Vehicle Fleet & Driver Management Procedure
Parking Faculty / Staff Parking and Transportation Administrative Procedure
Parking Event Parking Reservation Policy
Parking Carpool Policy
Parking Motorcycle, Moped, and Scooter Policy
Parking Parking Rules and Regulations

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June 14, 2021

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