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Wake Forest’s policies connect the University’s mission to the everyday actions of its community, clarify the institution’s expectations of its individual members, mitigate institutional risk, enhance efficiency, and support the university’s compliance with laws and regulations.

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LegalContract Management Policy
ComplianceConflicts of Interest or Commitment Policy
Environmental Health & SafetyContractor Safety Guide
Human ResourcesNepotism
Human ResourcesConsensual Relationships
Environmental Health & SafetyConferences and Summer Camps Safety Guidelines and Agreement
Human ResourcesProtection of Minors
FinancialCost Transfers and Cost Allocations Administrative Policy
Environmental Health & SafetyIntegrated Contingency Plan (ICP)
Human ResourcesWhistleblower Non-Retaliation
Human ResourcesSexual Harassment Prevention
Human ResourcesSubstance Abuse Prevention
Environmental Health & SafetyBiosafety Plan
Human ResourcesSmoke-Free
Human ResourcesWorkplace Violence Prevention
Environmental Health & SafetyChemical Hygiene Plan
Human ResourcesWeapons on Campus
Environmental Health & SafetyUse of Controlled Substances in Research Guidelines
Human ResourcesStaff Grievance and Appeal Process
Human ResourcesCorrective Actions and Dismissal of Staff
Human ResourcesStaff Separations
Human ResourcesReductions in Force
Environmental Health & SafetyInstitutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) Authority Statement
Human ResourcesCreating and Amending HR Policies
Environmental Health & SafetyBiohazard Waste Plan
Human ResourcesAdditional Compensation
Environmental Health & SafetyLaser Safety Manual
Environmental Health & SafetyRadiation Safety Manual
Information SystemsComputer Management Policy
Environmental Health & SafetyWater Management Plan to Reduce Legionella Growth
Information SystemsCybersecurity Incident Response Policy
Information SystemsInformation Security Policy
Information SystemsPolicy on Responsible and Ethical Use of Computing Resources
Information SystemsTargeted Harassment Support Response
Information SystemsPassword Standard
Facilities and Campus ServicesDesign Guidelines
FinancialGifts, Prizes, and Awards from University Funding Sources Administrative Policy
Environmental Health & SafetySharps Annual Review Form
Facilities and Campus ServicesGreen Building Policy
Environmental Health & SafetyResearch Regulatory Review Form
Facilities and Campus ServicesTree Care Plan
Facilities and Campus ServicesLock and Key Policy
Facilities and Campus ServicesDig Permit Policy
Facilities and Campus ServicesConstruction and Demolition Waste
LegalJoint Venture Policy
Hospitality & Auxiliary ServicesVendor Code of Conduct
Information SystemsWFU End User License Agreements (EULAs)
Campus LifeBuilding Access Policy
FinancialBusiness Assets Administrative Policy
International TravelInternational Travel Policy
FinancialEntertainment Tax Administrative Procedure
FinancialCapital and Operating Projects Administrative Policy
Facilities and Campus ServicesLearning Spaces Design Guidelines
FinancialDonor Restricted Funds Policy
ResearchResearch Misconduct
Information SystemsCopyright Policy
ResearchReynolda Campus Intellectual Property Policy
FinancialAgency Fund Administrative Policy
Hospitality & Auxiliary ServicesMeal Plan Administration
Environmental Health & SafetyLab Safety Plan
ParkingBoot and Tow Administrative Policy
ParkingVehicle Fleet & Driver Management Procedure
Human ResourcesSeparation Pay
Campus LifeDeacon Health Immunization Policy
ParkingFaculty / Staff Parking and Transportation Administrative Procedure
Environmental Health & SafetyFree Range Cat Policy
ParkingEvent Parking Reservation Policy
ParkingCarpool Policy
ParkingMotorcycle, Moped, and Scooter Policy
FinancialIdentity Theft Prevention Program (Red Flags) Policy
ParkingParking Rules and Regulations
FinancialStudent Account Credit Balance Administrative Procedure
Human ResourcesFlexible Work for Staff
FinancialFee Portal Administrative Procedures
Environmental Health & SafetyAsbestos Management Policy
Information SystemsVideo Conferences (Large)
FinancialPayment Card Acceptance Administrative Policy
Environmental Health & SafetyBloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan
Institutional EquityDiscrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation
Hospitality & Auxiliary ServicesPolicy on Use of Space by External Groups
Environmental Health & SafetyPermit Required Confined Space Policy
FinancialResidual Balance on Fixed Price and Milestone Agreements
Environmental Health & SafetyLockout Tagout Policy
Human ResourcesProtection of Minors
Environmental Health & SafetyElectrical Safety Policy
Human ResourcesNon-Discrimination on the Basis of Disability
Environmental Health & SafetyFall Protection Policy
Human ResourcesRecruitment and Selection
Environmental Health & SafetyHazard Communication Policy
FinancialMobile Communication Devices (MCDs) Administrative Policy
Human ResourcesEducation Benefits for Employees
FinancialFixed Assets Administrative Policy
Environmental Health & SafetyHearing Conservation Policy
Human ResourcesStudent Employment
FinancialPetty Cash and Change Funds Administrative Policy
Human ResourcesRetiree Death Benefit
Environmental Health & SafetyHot Work Policy – Welding, Cutting, Brazing
Human ResourcesStandard Work Week and Hours of Work
Environmental Health & SafetyLadder Safety Policy
Human ResourcesTuition Reduction for Dependent Children
Environmental Health & SafetyRespiratory Protection Policy
Human ResourcesTuition Reduction for Spouses
FinancialTax Guide for Foreign Visitors
Human ResourcesRetirement
Environmental Health & SafetyMachine Guarding Policy
Human ResourcesPhased Retirement Program
Environmental Health & SafetyMold Management Plan
Human ResourcesPersonnel Records
Human ResourcesPaid Time Off
Environmental Health & SafetyPersonal Protective Equipment Policy
Human ResourcesVoluntary Shared PTO Leave
Human ResourcesHolidays and Holiday Premium Pay
Environmental Health & SafetyPublic Access Defibrillation Program (PAD) Policy
Human ResourcesAdministrative Leave and Release Time
Human ResourcesInclement Weather and Other Unusual Conditions
Environmental Health & SafetyPowered Industrial Vehicle / Equipment Policy
Human ResourcesWorkers’ Compensation Leave
FinancialDepartmental Deposits Administrative Policy
Environmental Health & SafetyRefrigerant Compliance Plan
Human ResourcesShort Term Disability
FinancialAccounts Payable Disbursement Policy
FinancialEffort Reporting Administrative Policy
Human ResourcesFaculty Medical and Parental Leave
Environmental Health & SafetyMobile Elevated Work Platform Program
Human ResourcesFamily and Medical Leave
Human ResourcesParental Leave (Staff)
FinancialCharitable Contributions Made by the University Administrative Policy
FinancialDeficit Resolution of Restricted Funds Administrative Policy
Environmental Health & SafetySilica Exposure Control Plan
Human ResourcesBereavement Leave
FinancialReynolda Campus Procurement Policy
FinancialCost Principles, Audit, and Administrative Requirements for Sponsored Activities Administrative Policy
Human ResourcesCivil Leave
FinancialBusiness Continuity Management Administrative Policy
Environmental Health & SafetySteam Safety Policy
Human ResourcesMilitary Leave and Reemployment Rights
Human ResourcesLeave Without Pay
FinancialGolf Cart Administrative Policy
Environmental Health & SafetyTrenching and Excavation Policy