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Deficit Resolution of Restricted Funds Administrative Policy

Policy Overspending and collectability issues (i.e. circumstances under which costs incurred by a project are not reimbursed by the sponsor) arise periodically and this policy addresses the process for resolution of the resulting deficits based on the situation. As a recipient of federal, state, and […]

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Effort Reporting Administrative Policy

Policy At the Reynolda Campus of Wake Forest University, effort certification is required for all faculty, staff, and graduate students who are paid, in full or in part, by a federal or state sponsored project. This means that all, or a percentage, of their pay […]

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Cost Transfers and Cost Allocations Administrative Policy

Policy In accordance with the Office of Management (OMB), it is necessary to explain and justify transfers of charges onto federally and state funded sponsored awards. As a recipient of federal, state, and privately sponsored grants and contracts, the University is required to comply with […]

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Charitable Contributions Made by the University Administrative Policy

Policy As a 501(c)(3) organization, as categorized by the IRS, the University may only make contributions (funds, goods, or services) to another entity, qualified charity, or individuals when certain conditions or criteria are met and when the contribution relates to the mission of the University. […]

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