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Gifts, Prizes, and Awards from University Funding Sources Administrative Policy

Policy The University must properly account for gifts, prizes, donations, and/or awards as taxable income to the recipient in accordance with federal and state regulations. Cooperation and assistance are needed to ensure the proper tax treatment and reporting of gifts for tax purposes. Read the Policy Related Procedures Gifts, Prizes, and Awards Procedures Related Forms […]

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Charitable Contributions Made by the University Administrative Policy

Policy As a 501(c)(3) organization, as categorized by the IRS, the University may only make contributions (funds, goods, or services) to another entity, qualified charity, or individuals when certain conditions or criteria are met and when the contribution relates to the mission of the University. Specific review and approvals are required. Read the Policy Related […]

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Accounts Payable Disbursement Policy

Policy Expenditures necessary in carrying out the mission of the University, consistent with the normal business operations of the University. These expenses are reasonable in nature and are paid or funded by the University. The University supports the “accountable plan” as defined by IRS regulations and Internal Revenue Code to determine which expenditures may or […]

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