Retiree Death Benefit

Policy The University offers a Retiree Death Benefit intended to assist with the funeral expenses of deceased retirees. Retirees who meet the eligibility criteria can designate beneficiaries who will receive a death benefit payment of $2,000 upon the retiree’s passing. Read […]

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Flexible Work for Staff

Policy Flexible Work Arrangements permit eligible staff employees to complete their work from an alternative location or within a modified schedule that has been mutually agreed upon by an employee and their supervisor in alignment with the University’s Flexible Work Policy and applicable Divisional Statement […]

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Separation Pay

Policy Regular staff members whose employment is terminated due to a reduction in force as defined in the University’s Reductions in Force policy may be eligible to receive separation pay and career transition services, subject to the terms and conditions in this policy.

Additional Compensation

Policy Wake Forest University is committed to providing a comprehensive and equitable Total Rewards package that attracts, retains, and motivates a high quality, diverse workforce. This policy allows the flexibility to request and process additional compensation for staff. Read the Policy […]

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Creating and Amending HR Policies

Policy Wake Forest University has developed a series of policies to ensure established guidelines and processes are in effect that are consistently applied throughout the University. Policies established by the Financial Services (FS) will be maintained and reviewed by appropriate FS staff and are located […]

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Reductions in Force

Policy A reduction in force is the elimination or reduction in FTE (full-time equivalency) of a regular staff position due to lack of work, shortage of funds, elimination of a position, grant expiration, departmental reorganization, or other business reasons resulting in the necessary curtailment of […]

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Staff Separations

Policy Separation from the University occurs when you voluntarily resign or are otherwise removed from the payroll. If you are resigning, provide at least four weeks of working notice if you are exempt and two weeks if you are non-exempt. If you are a supervisor, […]

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Corrective Actions and Dismissal of Staff

Policy As a supervisor, you may utilize corrective action if a staff member exhibits unsatisfactory job performance or personal conduct. In most cases, you will follow a progressive process, with increasing levels of discipline. Read the Policy Related Procedures There are […]

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Staff Grievance and Appeal Process

Policy If you are a regular part- or full-time staff member with a work-related complaint, you may follow the grievance and appeal process. This process generally begins with a discussion with your immediate supervisor, within five days of the event prompting the grievance. Contact Human […]

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